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Continuous improvement marks the beginning of the year in Nicaragua, since January we began with the training of our collaborators on the proper use of drilling equipment. This training synergistically integrated by 24 participants, including operators, managers, site engineers, supervisors, QHSE managers and mechanics, in two different days. Knowledge was strengthened in topics such as: types of equipment, maintenance, correct handling, occupational safety, environment and assertive communication.

As part of a dynamic approach to the development of the topics, these were complemented with playful activities in order to achieve a better retention of the knowledge acquired. They were organized in groups of 4-5 people, fostering teamwork, a fundamental value for us as a company. It should be noted that this training was a reinforcement of our Prestart-Pretask procedures and daily check-up of the team, very important in our culture of prevention.

The main focus was linked to prevention in terms of mechanical maintenance, where the practical activity focused on identifying and correcting breakdowns during daily preventive maintenance on diamond drilling equipment or drilling rigs, these machines, due to the nature of the work, are exposed to work 24/7. This training gave to all participants an appropriate combination of maintenance actions to improve equipment uptime and ensure safe and environmentally friendly working conditions.

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