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El Chaparral Hydroelectric Project is located in the northwestern part of El Salvador, which is one of the hydroelectric plants owned by CEL (Comisión Eléctrica de El Río Lempa), an energy company of El Salvador. The project began studies in 2000 and to date is in its final phase of construction and equipment.

Rodio Swissboring El Salvador, as a company established in the country for more than 60 years, was contracted directly for the completion of specialized works of the hydroelectric plant. One of the main activities is the construction and waterproofing of the right bank. This was carried out by excavating a slurry wall up to 36 meters deep, using low-strength concrete and with additions of bentonite. The execution of this wall required the supply of 10,700 m³ of concrete. Complementary to the slurry wall works, a pyramid-shaped aggregate dam will be built, which will be made with materials extracted and processed from material banks of the project itself. The volume of material to be placed will be 150,000 m³ with different granulometries, according to the designer’s indications. A backup plan in case of a possible leak, a geomembrane will be placed in the core of the dike and will in turn be connected to the upper part of the slurry wall. The scope of works has a execution time of 9 months, having completed up to date the construction of the slurry wall.

As Rodio Swissboring we are proud to be able to work on one of the most important projects for El Salvador and Central America. Contributing with our technical know-how and global support, through the Soletanche Bachy group, to the completion of the El Chaparral Hydroelectric Project.

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